We are building up to a unique and rare event, the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. This is so rare in fact that it hasn’t happened since 1405! These two planets have been moving from Capricorn to Aquarius almost together. It’s always significant when one of these planets changes signs, so to see them both do this within days of each other is hugely important.
This ‘Great Conjunction’, comes when these planets seem to meet in the sky and will be separated so minimally that they will look like one great star. Over the next few days you will see the two separate planets against the backdrop of a waxing crescent Moon and as they move together by the 21st December, the Moon will be in its first quarter, moving apart from them. Make sure you look just above the southwest horizon at twilight and you will see this spectacle. But don’t delay as they will soon disappear below it.
Some astronomers are tagging this ‘the Christmas Star’. The fact that it takes place on December 21. at the Solstice, the longest night of the year and the symbol of hope, makes it even more awesome. Going forward, these planets conjoin in the Air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius over the next 200 years, so some people are suggesting that this is the new Age of Aquarius.
So what does this mean for us as the energies of these planets combine? The move from ‘earthy’ Capricorn to ‘airy’ Aquarius should bring renewed optimism for us all, and the solstice is a beacon of hope. Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion, and Saturn the planet of structure and hard work, both relating to career and achievement. There is going to be great change and the opening for a new way of living, thinking, feeling and acting. It will be very different. But better. Change can be hard, so for some this may be uncomfortable but if you are open to it, this is a perfect recipe for getting rid of old habits and working hard towards a cherished goal. If something has been growing in your heart or mind make a promise to yourself to devote as much time as you can through 2021 to make it a reality. If you thought something was out of your reach prepare to be amazed!
A Tarot spread is perfect for this time. Ask what old habits need to change and how you can use this time to make the most of these opportunities:
Card One – What habits are holding me back?
Card Two – How can I move on from them?
Card Three – How can I prepare for change?
Card Four – What goal should I concentrate on?
Card Five – What resources are available to help me plan and progress?
Here’s to good luck and a clear sky!