I’m sensing that you may be at a crossroads in some aspect of your life. Maybe your career has hit a block, your relationships are not fulfilling you, or maybe you just feel that you want to be the best ‘you’ possible  and don’t know where to start. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Tez Hammond

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Manifest Your Goals

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Take Control of YOUR Life

Use the power of Tarot to help guide your choices. Add  the energy of Crystals and  the insight of Astrology for a powerful consultation.

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Enhance Your Career

Maybe it’s your career that’s devouring all your time and energy.  Perhaps the demands of a growing family leave you with no head space.

The result is nearly always lack of efficiency, deadlines not met and  goals not acheived.  Add to this the strain on your relationships and you start to see the impact on your well-being!



Amongst all of the noise and constant distraction of everyday life it’s easy to make resolutions -promise to give yourself more time, to enhance your wellbeing and improve your relationships. It’s even easier for these plans to go by the wayside in spite of your best intentions.

Stop for a moment

  • How can you get yourself back on track?

  • How can you use your time more efficiently?

  • How can you recognise what matters and what is a distraction?

Let me help you navigate the obstacles and set you on the way towards an enriched and fulfilling life.