Tarot Coaching


Let me use my skills and experience to devise a coaching plan for you to help navigate a career challenge, career change or any unexpected life changes.

Who is Tarot Coaching For?

This can help to highlight

  • What is working well for you right now and how you really feel about it
  • What is not working so well
  • What would you like to develop and do more of
  • Are you having an impact on others? Is it good, not so good, and how can you change that
  • What do you want and need to reduce or cut out
  • What effect is all of this having on you
  • What is calling you right now? What opportunities are you missing
  • What is available to you right now to improve your chances of success? People, learning, communities?
  • What action do you now need to take to ensure you can align your current situation with your desired outcome?
Contact me and we can work together towards manifesting your best you.