The cycles of the Moon are quite lovely, particularly right now, Rituals and cycles are so important in helping us with structure and certainty. There is a beautiful rhythm and flow, and with the rollercoaster ups and downs happening at the moment this can help with stability.

We’re just on the very edge of Summer (hooray!) and, although it will be quite different this year. The New Moon tomorrow (22nd May) is in Gemini, the social (distancing!) butterfly of the zodiac. This means you will want to spend time with family and friends. However, it is Trine Saturn and this means it is a time for re-building, getting back to work and making positive progress on longer term goals

These conflicting energies may cause tension but this can be useful. It may make us feel that we want and need to reach out to others and concentrate less on the chatter going on in our heads. We can distract ourselves with more practical concerns, things that can help with the worries and concerns of our friends and family. Give help, receive help! This will help our perspective and make us aware that there are bigger, more important things in life. We are then able to use Gemini’s energy in a more positive way.

The New Moon in Gemini is going to have an impact on us all, but especially Gemini and Sagittarius. So let’s have a look at a Tarot spread that will help you make the most of the energy of this event.

A general new moon spread would usually give you the chance to ask things about you personally, for example, what have I released since the last full moon, what do I want to grow and how can I realise my goals. However, because of the outwardly focussing energy of this new moon trine, we will focus more on what we can do for others rather than being inward centric.

So, let’s do this.

Firstly, find the Lovers Card. This card is the ‘Gemini Card’. Use this to relate to you, the Significator. This is card number 1.

Then, shuffle as you would normally and lay them out as the example below.

  1. Significator
  2. Where have I been focussing too much on myself?
  3. What have I managed to release in order to re-focus.
  4. Where should I consider others?
  5. How are my loved ones being affected by this?
  6. How can I be present for those I care about? What is
    emerging within me?
  7. What energy can I harness to achieve this
  8. How can I clear my mind to become more stable and
    reliable amid the chaos?

My reading shows I need to focus more on my emotional intelligence rather than logic. (King of Swords)
I have released the need to give materially rather than offering time, love and presence. (Six of Pentacles)
I can consider others more by celebrating what I’ve achieved so far and can now stand back to give my time and effort to others. (Seven of Pentacles)
My loved ones are being affected by this positively, by the fun and warmth I can give at the moment. I can be fully present and share my gifts outwards. (The Sun).
I can be present for others by enhancing my emotional talents further and become the best person I can be for them. (Eight of Pentacles).
I can harness the energy of new beginnings and opportunities present at this time. I can use this motivation and energy to make plans and create this reality. (Page of Cups).
I can clear my mind to enable me to become more stable and reliable amid this chaos by becoming ‘adult’ in my plans and visions for the future. This is telling me to plan, plan, plan and don’t be afraid to delegate!

My Reading Above

 Overall this reading is quite heavy on Pentacle cards. This is clear that I have be focussing on material and ‘earthly’ things and need to look more to inner wisdom to benefit others! ?