June 5th heralds a full moon in Sagittarius. It’s often known as the Strawberry Moon as June is strawberry season. It’s sometimes also known as “Honey Moon,” “Mead Moon,” and “Hot Moon.”
On top of this there is a powerful eclipse on the Gemini-Sagittarius Axis. This could encourage us to become a bit more adventurous and certainly a more curious. We may decide to take risks, feel the fear and do it anyway. But be careful. Venus is also retrograde in Gemini, so love and finances could be a bit trickier!

In any event, a Full Moon is an opportunity to reflect on what you’ve manifested since the last New Moon. You can ask yourself where you are now and what you need to become aware of. What is no longer needed in your life and how can you release this? And what energies are available to help you let go. A Full Moon Tarot Reading is perfect for this purpose

Eclipsed Full Moon