The moon was full this morning, September 2nd at 6.22 am BST. It is currently in Pisces so it’s going to be a very emotional time.

This is the Harvest Full Moon, or the. Corn moon, and is set to gently force us to get more in touch with our emotions—and there will be some surprises thrown in for good measure coming from the lovely aspect to Uranus!

At the time of the full moon, the Sun and Moon are opposite each other. The Sun is in Virgo at the moment. The Moon governs our emotions and self nurturing, and the Sun governs our sense of self worth, our ego. When these two planets are in opposition we are being encouraged to get a better head/heart balance. We need to dream ‘realistically’ and be aware of any ‘addictions’ or self sabotage that is preventing us from progressing.

This Full Moon is also asking us to think of what is best for us collectively. With what has been going on in the world, we need to make sure that we’ve learnt from those situations, learn from what has been good about the sharing and support, and build on it. We need to develop empathy where we haven’t already and this will navigate a way forward. The positive alignments of the planets in the coming weeks will help us with this towards the journey of transition.

Now is a great time for a Full Moon Tarot Spread. As well as asking what we have achieved since the New Moon and what we need to let go of, we can ask where we can be more empathetic and more focused on the collective good. We can ask what has been blocking us and how ton clear this, and what we need to do in the coming weeks to make worthwhile progress.