Tomorrow at 04.44an BST brings a Full Moon in Capricorn. To add to this there is an intense lunar eclipse. A Full Moon means completion and culmination and shines its light on new information that can help us clarify our situation and give us the opportunity for change and growth.

This Full Moon is also called a Buck Moon, or a Thunder Moon. The term Buck Moon comes from the Ancients noticing that a buck’s antlers were at their peak of growth at this time. The Thunder Moon title is for obvious reasons!

The Full Buck Moon in Capricorn will impact all zodiac signs, but Capricorn and Cancer will feel it the most, Capricorn (opposite Cancer), is an Earth sign and it governs power, authority and structure so your emotions may be powerful right now. The recent Jupiter and Pluto retrograde conjunction in Capricorn brings renewal of old structures, change and transformation. Mercury retrograde in Cancer is continuing to churn up traditional ideas and begin to encourage and welcome what we really need for our happiness rather than what society tries to tell us is normal! How important is that!

So now is a time for healing: We are encouraged to look at any thing, person or practice in our life that is not bringing our soul joy and the current astrological climate will give us the clarity and power to deal with this. Realise that all of those toxic people are impacting your mental health, there’s strength (and fun!) in weeding them out.

Self care and work/life balance are in the spotlight. But that’s a good thing as it will motivate you to take action to put your ideas into practice. So if it’s friends, co-workers or your community who are leaving you drained this is an ideal time to ‘cleanse’. Make sure you give your time only to those who energise and support you, and bring you joy.

Once you’ve cleansed and balanced your life you’ll have a more positive and healthy (happy!) environment. You’ll feel huge relief and this will be so beneficial in helping you be your best you.