The Full Moon in Aquarius peaks today, August 3rd, just before 4pm BST. The early Native Americans named full moons to reflect what was happening in their lives at the time. This one is often referred to as a Sturgeon Moon because fish were often caught in North American lakes around this time. In the UK it is known as the Grain Moon.

The full moon today is square Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, calling for flexibility and adaptability.  Things may seem a little shaky and unsteady. It is not a time for being erratic or taking risks. Mercury is also opposing Saturn which requires positive thinking, hard work and patience. Be kind. It will make all the difference.

Home, family and relationships are brought into focus and conflicts in these areas can exert pressure and tension, leaving us drained and exhausted. Things are feeling a bit shaky and un-steady but this is an ideal time to discover what is not working. We will know that what survives is good and will stay in our lives. A Full Moon Tarot Spread is perfect for this time. We can use it to discover where we need more balance, what we need to let go of and where we need to be more patient.

Card 1: What am I neglecting at the expense of balance in my life?
Card 2: What can I let go of to address this?
Card 3: What energies are available to help me achieve this?
Card 4: What do I need to do to be more tolerant and patient?
Card 5: What is the good energy that I should focus on for the future?

Sturgeon Full Moon Tarot Spread