Let me use my skills and experience to create an intuitive reading for you. I do not predict, I encourage free will rather than determining a set outcome. I will give you the tools so that you can empower your own decisions to navigate your chosen path.

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Explore our new on-line courses. Learn how to read Tarot Intuitively and gain confidence to read from the heart not from the book.
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Other Services...


Mini Reading £10 -  This is a mini three or four card reading that will give you a
snapshot of your situation, any challenges you may face, and suggestions for the way forward.

Medium in-depth reading - I will use 4 to 6 cards to give you insight and advice on an issue surrounding you at the moment. This is far more detailed than the mini reading but you will find it is not too overwhelming and will give clarity

Detailed Full Reading £25 - This reading will give you full insight into what has led to your current situation, what is potentially blocking you and what action you are advised to take to move forward. It will help you gain insight into your conscious and subconscious motivations, help you in making difficult changes, and give you an indication of potential outcome should you continue on this path. 


I can cast your horoscope and do a 3 month, 6 month or 1 year forecast. These will all include the beautiful Natal Chart.

Contact me and we can work together towards manifesting your best you.